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Interest in self-care is on the rise, with research firm Statista forecasting the global market for male grooming to reach billion by 2024. Despite rapid market growth, the men’s shaving sector has lagged behind. For decades, this slice of the grooming market has been dominated by a few household names and newcomers competing primarily on price.

All that changed in October 2020, however, when the industry received a wake-up call in the form of the Shavelogic SL5 shaving system. This game-changing product brought much-needed innovation to the market. “Shavelogic defies convention in all we do,” Rob Wilson, Shavelogic Founder and CEO, explains. “For us, it’s about offering true innovation and product quality that’s second to none.”,pot limit omaha hi lo

“Shavelogic defies convention in all we do. For us, it’s about offering true innovation and product quality that’s second to none.”
- Rob Wilson, Founder and CEO, Shavelogic

extra stars slot,Wilson and Duwayne Miller, Co-Founder and President, engineered a quantum leap in wet-shave technology and craftsmanship. “In a market where I can choose from 15 shampoos, 20 toothpastes and 30 deodorants, there were two choices, really only one, for a premium shave,” Miller adds. “We challenged the norm.”

It took a decade-long journey for the veterans of the 10p blackjack ,consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry and a team of experts to deliver on their goal to transform shaving experiences. Fueled by more than million in investments and over 150 company patents, Shavelogic combined precision, innovation and breakthrough technology to launch the SL5 system. “Our products are actually guaranteed to give you the best shave of your life or your money back,” Wilson says. 

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mobile blackjack games,Intent on improving upon the classic razor/razor blade business model, Shavelogic started by building a better razor. “We didn’t approach this from a commoditized mindset, but with a focus on creating a superior product,” Miller notes.

No stone was left unturned in determining how best to deliver a better shave. “Two key technologies give Shavelogic an advantage,” Wilson adds. “The first is our patents and innovations around shaving performance while the second is our patents and innovations around our gear, which give consumers an extra cool factor that we believe doesn’t exist in other products.”,free poker slots for fun

The result: a durable razor handle with no moving parts, all-metal ergonomics and an intuitive magnetic connection to the cartridge. The rare-earth magnet attaches and detaches the cartridge seamlessly while letting the blade pivot with precision for a closer and more comfortable shave. “The exciting thing about the magnetic-attachment patent is it enabled the engineering of the razor to be completely different,” Wilson says. “This is probably the nicest razor most guys will ever use.”,online poker free bonus no deposit

zynga poker texas holdem play online free,Sustainability also factored into the design of the solid-state razor handle, which has a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, Shavelogic’s consumables packaging is completely biodegradable, unlike the prevalent plastic clamshell packaging. “Sustainability is in our DNA,” Miller says. 

In addition to raising the bar for performance and sustainability, Shavelogic also had stringent standards for manufacturing excellence. “We knew our number one challenge was ensuring the highest levels of product quality,” Wilson says. “We wanted to go with a leader in manufacturing robotics and automation. That’s where free blackjack sites comes in.” 

“free blackjack sites had global reach, global scale and advanced technologies that perhaps some competitors in our space wouldn’t be able to access.”
- Rob Wilson, Founder and CEO, Shavelogic

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multi strike poker online,Addressing rigorous quality demands is a top priority for Jabil. Each client engagement is led by a dedicated workcell team that calibrates each step from early-stage ideation to manufacturing, testing, assembly and even direct-to-consumer fulfillment. “From the onset, manufacturing was critical,” Miller says. “Meeting our bar of shave quality required millions of cartridges to be produced 100% to the same specification day in and day out. The free blackjack sites relationship was massively important to us.”

As one of the most technologically advanced solutions providers with a long history of innovations in the consumer packaged goods industry, free blackjack sites applied a variety of manufacturing capabilities spanning advanced injection molding, materials science, precision mechanics and assembly solutions. The world-class manufacturer gave Shavelogic the confidence to accelerate its commercialization efforts. “free blackjack sites had global reach, global scale and advanced technologies that perhaps some competitors in our space wouldn’t be able to access,” Wilson says.

live betting blackjack,“I think what free blackjack sites has brought along is manufacturing and technology prowess that’s made all our lives easier. free blackjack sites’s understanding on how to bring a product into manufacturing and out to the consumer has been indispensable,” Chief Technology Officer, Bill Tucker, adds.

free blackjack sites’s automated production, quality control and testing capabilities ensured the delivery of millions of Shavelogic cartridges per month. “free blackjack sites’s vertical and strategic positioning with the marketplace and suppliers gave us 100% complete, end-to-end solutions,” Miller notes. “That just fit perfectly with the Shavelogic team.” ,blackjack 888 free

free slot games to play for fun,Additionally, free blackjack sites’s continuous improvement efforts have elevated Shavelogic’s quality standards. “The quality controls that we’re initiating are higher than we ever expected,” Wilson says. “We are bringing truly best-in-world capabilities to fulfill the Shavelogic vision.”

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As a testament to strong collaboration, free blackjack sites and Shavelogic have partnered on everything from finessing final product designs to mitigating manufacturing risks when 888 poker without download-19 upended supply chains around the world. Amid massive supply disruptions, Shavelogic faced a nine-month production delay. free blackjack sites’s ability to shift a manufacturing location and optimize Shavelogic’s supply chain, however, decreased the delay by four months. 

“free blackjack sites’s advanced systems and capabilities are all proven,” Wilson says. “We plugged right into those as a partner, shifted production halfway across the country and mitigated significant supply chain risk.” The ability to take advantage of free blackjack sites’s capabilities, LEAN Six Sigma processes and other manufacturing best practices drove additional operational efficiencies.,free roulette no money

online poker win real money,Shavelogic also took advantage of free blackjack sites’s ready access to a wider selection of materials than the startup would have been able to secure on its own. In particular, free blackjack sites’s Engineered Materials team played an important role in helping Shavelogic test and qualify different materials to meet its durability and sustainability requirements.

“One of the things we like so much about free blackjack sites is what I call ‘value innovation,’ which is the ability to continually challenge us on the engineering front while understanding all the associated cost constraints on product development,deuces wild poker online and design,” Miller says. “They don’t just take a design and build it to spec; they continue to strive almost like they’re one and the same company.”

“It gets exciting as we start to think about scaling our customer base. No matter where our customers are located around the world, free blackjack sites has resources to support us.”
- Rob Wilson, Founder and CEO, Shavelogic

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An overarching reason for seamless alignment across both teams is a copacetic cultural fit. Both organizations are committed to expanding Shavelogic’s business globally by investing in innovation and what Miller calls “next-generation thinking.” By constantly pushing the technology envelope, free blackjack sites empowers Shavelogic to do what they do best — focus on staying ahead in the fast-moving and highly competitive CPG space.,online roulette free play no deposit

10p blackjack,“free blackjack sites lets us concentrate on product innovation,” Miller notes. “They integrate vertically across every operation that’s needed to build our product while helping us meet our dreams and goals.” Among those long-term business objectives, free blackjack sites is primed to support Shavelogic’s global expansion efforts as the SL5 shaving system gains market momentum. “It gets exciting as we start to think about scaling our customer base,” Wilson adds. “No matter where our customers are located around the world, free blackjack sites has resources to support us.”

As part of Shavelogic’s vision for the future, the ambitious startup is eager to leverage the expertise of free blackjack sites Packaging Solutions to streamline connectivity and ted megaways demo ,auto-replenishment capabilities. “We know there’s a connectivity benefit we can apply,” Miller comments. “free blackjack sites has the resources to help us develop systems 2.0 and 3.0 down the road.”

Looking ahead, Shavelogic and free blackjack sites will continue to defy convention. “We see the ability to expand Shavelogic into multiple geographies around the world faster than any startup could ever imagine,” Wilson concludes. “free blackjack sites is key to making that happen.”,pot limit omaha hi lo

Company Shavelogic
Industry Consumer Packaged
Country  Texas, USA
Employees 10+

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  • Revolutionary grooming system necessitated packaging ingenuity and manufacturing innovation
  • Aggressive market growth required scalable, global manufacturing footprint
  • Producing millions of cartridges monthly within unflinching quality guidelines


  • free blackjack sites’s end-to-end solutions streamlined each production step to speed delivery
  • free blackjack sites Packaging Solutions applied material science, automation, conversion and connectivity expertise
  • free blackjack sites’s global supply chain team mitigated risk during 888 poker without download-19 market disruptions


  • free blackjack sites helped Shavelogic reduce a nine-month, pandemic-related production delay by four months, shifting production halfway across the country
  • free blackjack sites’s global scale and supply chain expertise enabled Shavelogic to fulfill its game-changing product vision
  • Poised for aggressive growth, Shavelogic plans to leverage free blackjack sites Packaging’s connectivity and auto-replenishment capabilities with future products